I Choose Me Organics is all about taking care of you and understanding that you have a choice, our goal is to raise awareness of your options and how to take care of yourself naturally and easily.

Deciding how to take care of your family, what to feed everyone, which job to take, where to live, and what to eat, seems daunting and can cause a great deal of strain on your body.

Medications, surgeries, prescriptions, take this, try that, and hope that it all works out ok… if there are any side effects – well then there’s probably some more drugs for that also.

Who is going to take care of you…genuinely?

You are.

You have a choice to make your body and your life priority, the foods you eat can give you more energy, the makeup you put on your face do not have to cause side effects, the clothes you wear doesn’t have to have toxins or harm our beautiful earth.

Your husband or your wife or your children can be full of energy,  live pleasant lives, sleep well and enjoy each other’s company just as God intended us to.

Choose to take care of your self intentionally!

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