Ask away! – Here are some answers to the most asked questions about the products we sell

Skin Care & Cosmetics

Are your World Organics Make up and Cosmetics tested on animals?

We never test our products on animals other than our in-house World Organics human testers, who are always keen to experience what is in the pipeline! It is also worth noting that the vast majority of our products are certified vegan (see Qn. 2 below), which serves as a further guarantee that no testing on animals occurs.

Are World Organics products Vegan Friendly?

Our products are all vegan-friendly with the exception of the products listed below, which have a small amount of beeswax. We work with the certification agency, the UK Vegan Society, for our Vegan Certification.

The Organic Skin Co. – Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Cream Blush, Cream Concealers, Luminizers
River Veda – Nurture SPF 30+, Nurture Turmeric and Calendula Balm, Rejuvenate SPF, Rejuvenate Deodorant

Do World Organics Products Contain Genetically Engineered Ingredients?

None of our products contain genetically engineered or modified organisms.

Are World Organics Products Gluten Free?

All of our products are gluten-free and our Vitamin E is sourced from either soy or sunflower, rather than wheat germ.

Are World Organic Products Good For Sensitive Skin?

The ingredients we use are generally safe for all skin types. Of course, some people may have individual allergies which will cause their skin to react to certain plant botanicals and essential oils. We therefore, recommend that people with extremely sensitive skin should conduct a patch test prior to use.

Are All World Organic Products Certified Organic?

Over 90% of all World Organics products are certified ‘organic’ or ‘made with organic’ (70%+ organic). They can be identified by the BioGro logo stamped on their packaging.

What Is The Self Life Of World Organics Products?

All World Organics products have a minimum of two-year shelf-life. Once opened, in order to experience the therapeutic benefits of our organic ingredients, we recommend they are used within 6 months.

Why Are Some World Organics Products Made In India?

We are enormously proud that many of our products are sourced from, and made in, India. It is something that we believe should be celebrated with our customers. Here’s why:

Trade for Aid:
As a country still largely reliant on agriculture, India is suffering as a result of its dependence on chemical fertilisers and pesticides. In many areas, crops are failing and farmland has become infertile. We are playing a positive role in reversing this potential disaster. World Organics supports the movement towards community organic farming in India. This movement has led to increasing yields, lower input costs (thanks to the use of traditional products like manure) and, perhaps most importantly of all, real social benefits for Indian communities. These benefits include improved community infrastructures (water, housing, education), higher incomes, and increased cultural harmony. We have established working relationships with organic community farms and we happily pay 10-15% more than the going market rate for the wonderful organic ingredients they supply us.

More than 70% of our gorgeous organic ingredients are sourced from India. It is far more sustainable to manufacture our products in the same country.

State of the Art Manufacturing Plant:
Some of our products are manufactured in a purpose-built, state of the art industrial plant in India. The plant is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, and one of the few facilities in the world that is mainly solar-powered.

Why Does World Organics Often Use Aluminium Tubes?

There are a number of very good reasons why we use aluminium tubes with many of our products.

– We are an ethical company, committed to a sustainable, green business model. Aluminium tubes are fully recyclable and thus much kinder to the environment than their plastic counterparts.

– Unlike plastic tubes, aluminium tubes keep the air out, even after they have been opened and squeezed. This helps to preserve the integrity of the product’s natural ingredients, guaranteeing that they will retain their therapeutic benefits for longer.

– Because no air can get into the tubes, the wonderful, natural fragrance of our organic herbs and flowers is retained.

– We are further able to protect the product by using food grade lining inside the aluminium tubes to prevent any leaching or contamination.

– The tubes look great and are wonderfully tactile. They are fun to use!

Why Are Organic Products Better For Me Than Chemical Counterparts?

In order to avoid the ever-increasing set of diseases and ailments that afflict modern society, you can help yourself by using certified organic skincare products. Here’s why:

The Problem with Synthetic Ingredients:
– Many companies use synthetic ingredients in their products because they are easy and inexpensive to manufacture. However, their concern with the bottom line comes at the expense of your health.

– Strong links have been established between parabens (low cost, commonly used preservatives) and breast cancer.

– Many synthetic agents (like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) listed in skincare and beauty ranges can also be found in industrial cleaning products.

– Even something as harmless sounding as mineral oil has its dangers. A key ingredient in baby oils, mineral oil is a petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, inhibiting the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins and various skin disorders.

Natural and Organic is Better:
– Recent studies have indicated that we respond instinctively to natural, organic products. Our bodies recognize them and accept them more willingly than synthetic ingredients.

– The skin is the body’s largest organ. It provides a direct filter to our bloodstream and internal organs. Effectively, whatever we put on our skin, we are putting inside us.

– World Organic’s products are more than 99+% natural in their origin. Our core aim is to offer our customers products that not only smell and feel great, but which are good for them. Thus, when we design our formulations, we always have in mind the therapeutic qualities of the ingredients we choose.

Beware Greenwashing:
– Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated claim about the environmental or natural benefits of a product. It happens often because much of the cosmetics industry remains unregulated.

– A product which claims to be natural might only contain 1% natural ingredients. Customers can protect themselves by reading the ingredients listed on the packaging and by looking for certification stamps.

What Is Supercritical Extraction and What Difference Does It Make?

We are immensely proud that World Organics is a pioneer in the use of supercritical extraction technology. This technology is a breakthrough in herbal extraction; the cleanest, purest way to extract a plant’s value and deliver it to your skin. We explain below why it adds such tremendous value to our products and separates us from our competition:

What is Supercritical Extraction?
Unlike many other extraction techniques, supercritical extraction is not reliant on chemical solvents to extract a plant’s nutrients. Instead, it makes use of a natural compound: compressed carbon dioxide (CO2). This is a harmless natural gas found in the air we breathe and absorbed by plants all around us. The supercritical extraction process involves using this natural gas (CO2), which is compressed until it is a semi-liquid. Working at low temperatures, it is then ‘washed through’ the plant or herb, collecting all of its key nutritive compounds.

What Difference Does It Make?
The difference supercritical extractions make to World Organics ranges is incredibly meaningful. It allows us to get the maximum nutritional and beauty benefits of the whole plant – literally thousands of important compounds – and not just an isolated chemical constituent. Equally important, the extracts are extremely concentrated as they are full extractions, including essential oils as well as other water-soluble and fat-soluble substances from the plants we use. The end product is an extract that is all-natural, wonderfully pure, and super potent (in fact our extracts are often more than 50 times stronger than conventional extracts!).

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?
What this means for our customers is a product that delivers the full spectrum (and benefits) of nature’s powerful phytonutrients straight to their skin. Our products don’t just smell, look and feel great, they also offer a breakthrough in high quality, therapeutic, organic skincare

Why Are Some Of Your Products 99%+ Natural, rather Than 100% Natural?

To ensure our products are stable and retain an effective shelf life of two years, we occasionally add a tiny percentage of ingredients which are neither natural nor organic. These ingredients, which always amount to less than 1% of the total product, even when combined, are carefully sourced and fully approved for use by leading organic certifiers. Many of them, like Potassium Sorbate, are also approved for use in the food industry. As a result, they are entirely safe, especially in the miniscule amounts we use them. They serve to protect our skincare products from harmful bacteria and whilst we are always looking for wholly natural alternatives, we will always use safe, approved ingredients that best serve the interests of our customers and their health.


Does xEO Mega® need to be refrigerated?

EO Mega is designed to be stable at room temperature throughout its shelf life. However, refrigeration is recommended to extend shelf life or to maximize the potency of the fragile omega-3 fatty acids.

Does xEO Mega® need to be taken with food?

xEO Mega should always be taken immediately before or right at the beginning of a full meal.

Is there benefit for a man to take Phytoestrogen Essential Complex?

The Phytoestrogen product is primarily targeted for women. However, Dr. Hill discussed at the doTERRA 2013 Convention that although the predominate male sex hormone is testosterone, men still need estrogen and progesterone in low quantities for optimal physiologic functioning. Estrogen overproduction can become a concern for men because fat cells produce estrogen and because of exogenous exposure to xenoestrogens. The purpose of the phytoestrogen supplement is to naturally help balance hormone levels and help the body deal with estrogen metabolism. Although men do not experience menopause or a monthly cycle, hormones still play a critical role in their optimal health. In this sense, men can benefit from taking this product.


Is DigestTab® safe to take every day?

Yes, DigestTab is safe to take every day and there should be no safety concerns as long as the suggested use is followed.

Can I take more than the recommended dosage of DigestTab®?

Although DigestTab is safe and effective for soothing occasional heartburn and indigestion, we always recommend that you follow the suggested use on our labels. Consult with your qualified healthcare provider if you want to take more than the suggested use, or if you have any questions regarding your individual condition.

How quickly can I expect to feel the benefits of DigestTab®?

Typically, the benefits of DigestTab will be experienced within 30 minutes after consumption, although each individual is different and results may vary.